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  1. more Tom RagĂș ... i heard that guy was a riot!

    (Posted on 2009-12-19 03:49:00 by Bigg Pigg)
  2. just watched the Jason Walker interview.... His dance stuff was good.
    Then, at the end, he was brilliant! He said he was thinking about
    Adele, but really he was Smokey Robinson.
    If you haven't watched the podcast, I highly recommend it. Aside from
    all of that, he's really cute :-)

    (Posted on 2009-09-04 11:30:00 by Tony)
  3. OOOOH! Colton Ford. I can't wait!

    (Posted on 2009-06-13 11:25:00 by Jordan)
  4. Griff, the little novel Straight Lies better be good. I just ordered it online - I've never ordered a book online.

    (Posted on 2009-04-03 09:22:00 by Heiskell)
  5. Love your show. You should be on Logo or Here!

    (Posted on 2009-03-27 10:11:00 by Dave)
  6. Happy Holidays.. I love your site

    (Posted on 2008-12-12 14:08:00 by bobby)
  7. Great site! I love the point Foundation

    (Posted on 2008-11-25 11:10:00 by Brian)
  8. Great site!

    (Posted on 2008-10-22 09:52:00 by Gregory Michael)
  9. I love the Sherri and Ant shows. Two people with such powerful messages and great personality.

    (Posted on 2008-09-18 09:31:00 by Dave)
  10. The interview with Sherri was just wonderful, and I have to thank you for helping to promulgate her messages!

    (Posted on 2008-09-17 12:50:00 by Wayne)
  11. What a powerful itnerview with Sherri Beachfront! That was just amazing -- it's very encouraging for the community to meet and hear from role-models that are choosing to make differences in the world -- I'm proud that we are able to bring those individuals to light!

    (Posted on 2008-09-16 04:28:00 by JC)
  12. Great interview with ANT! It's really a lot of fun -- what a character!

    (Posted on 2008-09-11 12:51:00 by JC)
  13. the only thung u wiykd say is to not have the you tube vidio play immediatly when you first come to the site

    (Posted on 2008-07-28 01:17:00 by Thurman)
  14. This looks outstanding. Great Work!

    (Posted on 2008-07-24 14:24:00 by Reggie)
  15. Nice chat,

    (Posted on 2008-07-24 07:27:00 by Mickeal)
  16. Jon & JC, this was terrific!

    (Posted on 2008-07-23 22:27:00 by Melvin)
  17. Great looking website, Jon. Enjoyed the presentation, and meeting your new co-host JC.

    (Posted on 2008-07-23 12:54:00 by Al McDonnell)
  18. You rock!!!!! This website kicks butt!

    (Posted on 2008-07-22 18:23:00 by Lauren Smith)

    (Posted on 2008-07-22 10:50:00 by PETER LEO)
  20. Knock it out! This looks great -- awesome! Great job!

    (Posted on 2008-07-20 01:40:00 by JC)
  21. I love this!

    (Posted on 2008-07-20 01:21:00 by Jon)

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